Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Okay. That was crap. I went ahead and did my full-size, printer-paper pencils for the very first panel. The text is a little too tracked in (hence the arrows at the end of each line). The heavy lines are the lines I'm using.

Check out my awesome proportions. I actually broke out How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, of all things, for the quick proprtions. I usually eyeball these things, but I want the first three panels to start almost abstract and become more realized as I go along. That book just has a really simple face proportion deally that I can crack fast.

Of course, I still screwed up a bit and need to lower the eyes a bit. The whole idea is a little Kilroy (no mouth!) and was the first image I had in my head that lead me down the road that's become this book. I should also simplify those eyebrows, before the whole project turns into John Buscema's Avengers. There's a bit of David Mazzuccheli's City of Glass thing I'm going for. Or, at least, my memory of it. I'm always surprised by how not-paired down the art is whenever I look at it.

I might goose the proportions a bit too. Get the head a bit rounder.

So, the plan is to really churn these muthers out and then transfer them to Bristol. Then ink them. Once I really get started, I should be doing these much faster.



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