Thursday, April 27, 2006



I was over at Progressive Ruin and Mike Sterling there pointed THIS out. A plush Necrinomicon. From a company that apparently plushes all Lovecraft.

I like the Gugs, myself.


I did the pencils on the next two panels but screwed up the the lettering on panel 2. Well, I forgot the space between the top of the letters and the border. I got drunk and fixed it. No scans until I ink. Will be testing the new thick border on the caption.

I might make a lettering grid for myself, to make this a bit easier.

I can't wait to start really cooking on this, when I get into the meats.

I know it won't be the case with the whole project, and that first panel is the most simplified in the whole book, but I'm thrilled that the only computer work I had to do was scan, size, drop in the border and clean one tiny bit where the brush trailed (that probably wouldn't show at print size). No pencil, no erased ink, no smudges, no broken lines. Just clean like a fresh bikini wax. Or so I have read.


And the protoformative ideas about KJ chapter three are starting to swim in my head. It's the talk-show issue, and we'll be discussing a popular sitcom GHW Bush style. Might be fun...


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