Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Kaiju Shakedown says here is the new Gamera trailer. Not a sequel to the last movie, a new reimagining of a smaller gamera fighting a monster with a penis tongue.

I can't get the deally to work. Maybe it will pop up somewhere else. I hope it doesn't completely destroy everything good about Gamera.


A woman in my office, who had a grimace for everyone she saw, has only a couple days left to live apparently. Cancer. I never faulted her her sour disposition, it was pretty refreshing in an office of fake smiles and histrionics, but she was probably in a lot of pain. Fucking cancer.


Earlier today, I was laughing my ass off thinking about tables with velcroed legs.


The proofreader who handles the accounts I don't work on is going away for a week and a half, meaning I'm doing the double duties. I expect the internet to behave while I'm away.


All I want to do is drink now, but there's too much work to be done. I hope I can find the brushes I need to buy tonight. I think once I get back into it, I'm going to realize I needed to get back into it.


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