Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Arnim Zola and Doughboy salute Jack Kirby on what would've been his 90th Birthday.

Evil? Sure. But they respect a worthy opponent/creator.

Some of the tributes from the day:

Kirby Blog
Kirby Blog 2
Kirby Blog 3
Kirby Blog 4
Mark Evanier

Tom Spurgeon
has lots of images.
Larry Marder
Kevin Church
Comics Comics has Kirby at work, showcasing both his awesome drawing and his crazy style of working. He drew all of one thing before moving on to the rest!
Tom Brevoort on 40 Marvel covers.

Several of the above have more links...

...and I guess the 4th World Omnibus is coming out NEXT week. And the third is scheduled for November 21st. Two days before my birthday!



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