Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Finished up this page listening to the new Aesop Rock, None Shall Pass. It's pretty awesome. I might even like it better than Bazooka Tooth some day. It's actually poppier than anything he's done AND it's got a lot of guitar — which almost seems contradictory in hip hop. Comics-wise, he namechecks Robert Crumb, Love and Rockets and Charlie Brown/Peanuts (all I noticed on first listen), but it's another lyrically megadense carnival with assistance from Cage, El-P, Blockhead and... Rob Sonic! Hey! Rob Sonic! When is the awesomely titled Sabotage Gigante coming out??? It's been three YEARS since Telicatessen, man!

Speaking of the megadense, the second 4th World Omnibus was originally supposed to come out last week. And then it was pushed back to this week, except it's not appearing on the diamond shipping list anymore and it's not listed for next week either. It's not like this wouldn't have been the perfect time to release it or aything.


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