Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, it's been almost two weeks since I last posted. I was losing internet connection and phone connections right about that time, and then I lost them both completely. I finally got it fixed, and then the intermittent outtages started again.

I think, now, it's back for good. Or, until it goes out again.

So, I've neglected this site, went completely lax on How Did This Happen? and remained ignorant of my emails. Also, I was even more unreachable than usual by phone.

But, I kept working. And now I'm closing in on the end of EMAW #9. I almost can't believe it.

Here's the two-page spread I just finished pencilling (click for hugens):

Pages are starting to really shape up now. And I'm getting closer and closer to actually being good at this.

I am going to continue to neglect How Did This Happen?, as I need to finally finish this damn book up. But I do know what panel is next, and I plan to make it extra-super special to make up for the delay. I know, I'm breaking my own rules, but screw the man!!!


Hopefully, once the book is all ready, I'll be finally getting around to talking about some of the books I've been reading: some MoCCA finds, some Jack Kirby's 4th World (it gets crazier!), the end of Death Note (read this, for a basic idea of what I thought too), the recent Betos, etc.

And then it's SPX in a MONTH and I should be well into the writing for issue 10, if not out-and-out drawing it.


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