Wednesday, February 22, 2006


It seems noteworthy that Fantagraphics will not be attending the first New York Comic Con this weekend, instead allowing Mid-Town Comics to act as a proxy. Some of their cartoonists will be there. As a sign of solidarity, Cliff Face Comics will also not be there. No one has stepped up to act as our proxy, however.

Does this mean anything? I'm sure it's a cost issue. Fanta probably has much of their publishing schedule built around the alternative cons and now that there are so frickin' many cons this year, it must be hard to allocate the time, energy and resources to yet another one. Especially one that is going out of its way to court the super crowd.

For us: cost, benefits, energy and the work are keeping us away. I'm almost tempted to check it out, but I have no drugs, so what's the point?

Part of me wonders how we would perform in such an atmosphere. Part of me remembers how much I hated being tabled near alternasuperhero publishers at SPX and MoCCA. Part of me thinks that we should have our faces everywhere we can. Part of me thinks that the money spent to go there could go toward that new monitor I keep telling myself I'll buy.

Actually, that's a great idea. I'll celebrate new York Comic Con by buying a new monitor!


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