Thursday, February 23, 2006


So, Big Question #8: Gorgeous. I wonder if Dogs & Water is in the same world. What is with the crashed planes?

Tales Designed to Thrizzle #1: Made me laugh all the way home, and I've only made it through the "Adult" section. Nut bra.

Crickets #1: Lovely stuff. Two-color, fine-line. Only one sequence confused me (when the boy falls into the pile of fightmen), and that stands out only because the storytelling is otherwise impeccable. It's so seamless, I didn't even notice it (and this is the sort of thing I consciously look for) until it broke down for all of two panels. Splendid stuff, although what is with the Golem genre? Is it really that evocative a monster? It doesn't really matter, because the humor and sadness and beauty are what's what here; but it does seem like there's a disproportionate number of Golem stories versus it's mythical power—I say this unable to think of another Golem story I've read or seen in the past ten years (never say this isn't the age of unsupportable rhetoric!). But, yes. Beautiful. I won't be surprised when this ends up being better than Poor Sailor.

Showcase Presents: House of Mystery: I'm very curious to know what HoM was like before Joe Orlando took over. This collects over 500 pages from the begining of his run as editor and features comics greats Neal Adams, Bernie Wrightson, Sergio Aragones and Alex Mutha-Fuckin' Toth among others. Some top-notch code horror stories, fantastic art in two thrids of the book (pretty much made for b&W reproduction), some of the funniest stuff I remember seeing from Aragones, some terrible overwriting by Marv Wolfman, off-the-wall drawing by Grandetti and Alex Mutha-Fuckin' Toth pissing greatness into your face with every panel. If you ever wondered why Toth is the artist's artist, pick this up. I love the Showcase books, they're a serious addiction, and this is the Columbian Gold.


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