Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Splendid day for the purchase of comics.

Big Questions #8—Anders NIlsen
Now that this is being published by D&Q, it seems likely that a collection will be in the offing once the serial is complete. However, there are some cartoonists putting out work so splendid (see: Chris Ware), that I must buy the work the day it hits. Anders Nilsen is such a cartoonist. I've had madmanlove for his work since I first saw it in Kramer's Ergot 4. Big Questions is lyrical, delicate, disturbing, depressing, funny, thoughtful, engaging, beautiful and dark. If you're reading this and not that, you be crizzee.

Crickets #1—Sammy Harkham
D&Q are sort of stealthily transforming once again, aren't they? All of a sudden, they've become the home of a number of serialized comics from fresh voices, adding to their recent repetoire of little art books and one-offs in addition to their old-school Canadian art comics and niche reprints. I haven't read this yet, but Harkham's Poor Sailor was aces, and his editorial stewardship of Kramer's Ergot is virtually unimpeachable. This should be great.

Tales Designed to Thrizzle #1—Michael Kupperman
#2 was just a dadaist send-up of post-war advertising and mores. I imagine #1 was similar. #2 also made me piss in the toilet, it was so funny. I expect no less from this.


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