Monday, March 27, 2006


Tryin' to beef my googles with some of Snow's Informer lyrics. Might turn this blog into an all-things Snow blog. What is our boy up to these days? What ever happened to that guy? Where for art thou, Snow? Where can a guy get A LICKY BOOM BOOM DOWN?

Wodda weekend. I think I'm all healed. Whoopee! Turns out, I healed before finishing my APE work. First print run of #6s are done, stapled and folded. Same with "I Love You" and "Lincoln." "Good-Bye" is all printed and cut, stapling and folding tonight. Part of me just likes looking at that serious brick on my desk, though.

The miscalculation was with EMAW 1–4. I didn't realize that I'd need to start a second print run of that already. I printed 200 copies of them just over a year ago. I know I screwed quite a few copies up, gave away quite a few and I have about 30 of each left, which means I've probably sold about 100. Alright.

Tonight's the night, tonight. I can feel it, coming in the air tonight. Su-Sudio. A licky boom boom down. Dunz. Tonight. Printeds. Staples. Foldings. Dunz.


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