Thursday, March 23, 2006



With two weeks to go, and four days to meet my assembly schedule. It's not impossible to still finish on schedule. With that in mind, I've got to start thinking about that ol' plunderer of behinds, Pythagoras. We called him "P-squared on the block," back in the day, and I dare say he still is the same guy he was then. He never let universal theorums and death get to his head.

His famous catchphrase was "a times a plus b times b equals c times c." It loses something in the translation, but you get the idea.

If I remember correctly (and there's no reason to think that I do), the tables at APE are the standard 72"x30"ers. There's three of us gonna be there, giving us each about 24" of width. Remember this, folks. Cliff Face is coming to your town with 24" of width, each. Open wide.

So, how do we maximize that space? Or, rather, how do I (since we do nothing sameways and have different needs)? Maybe P-Squared has something of a solution? Perhaps an inclined plane for increased surface area AND greater visibility?

The more disimilar the two shorter sides of a triangle are, the longer the hypotenuse is in relation. I think I can go up to 24" in height and still have plenty of head clearance. Now, I could go all the way to 30" deep (that's right), but that only increases my surface area by a couple of inches. Also, I'm not sure if I HAVE 30" to play with.

What if I only go 15" deep? Suddenly, I find mice elf on a steeper incline for greater visibility. I also have a smaller foot, taking up less table space. How long is my hypotenuse? 28" with up to 15" of table space in front. I'm suddenly looking at 43" of prime real estate. Hell, that's 1032 square inches versus 720" sq. One third more space.


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