Thursday, March 23, 2006


Well, I'm sure there's some irony in the fact that we kept saying our table at APE couldn't be any worse than it was last year. We now find ourselves one table over on the floorplan in 2006. It's an improvement of a sorts. But the sort of improvement that kills you. It killed me, for about an hour or so. But, we just have to make the best of it.

We at least know the space. There's a pillar behind us we need to take advantage of. We should have some big arts to hang on the table and pillar. We also need to remain vigilant. No boredom on the faces. No despondancy. No exhaustion. We have to be in sell mode nonstops. We should try to look good for the girls as they come out of the restroom. Bad enough they have to see our faces seconds after taking care of business. Last year, we did our best when we looked like we were having fun. This is a huge factor, especially since we going to be in a section with the least foot traffic. Last year, as I walked our section, I was amazed at how forlorn people looked. Sitting, arms folded, sketching. There was almost an air of entitlement among those that thought they were going to make millions in their first attempt at selling their wares. Even at our table. I'll admit it. The whole enterprise can be a bit soul-deadening. Which is why we have to work even harder.

In the good news department, I have done my full print run of covers for #6. I might have most of the pages printed tonight. This weekend is probably going to be all work. Printing and stapling. Also, healing. Looking more and more like a photo-finish.

It's going to be a fun weekend. There's some people we haven't seen since October or even April. I'm a little disapointed that the Bodega boys and Lloyd Dangle don't seem to have tables. But it should be fun nontheless

I'm curious to see how other people run their tables. I notice that Oni only has two tables, and I want to know how they manage that. Lumachick, Hellcar, Meathaus, AIT, AdHouse, etc. People with half tables, one or two tables. See how they set their shit up.

Our table is going to be hella crowded. Last year, Marcos had only two issues of TSM and one set of Carls. This year, he has twice as many. Last year, Kenny only had one half-legal-sized book. This year, at least on book and manny painting. And manny stuffed toys. Last year, I only had EMAW 1-4. This year, I add the much larger #5 and #6.

I might go to Staples to look at display ideas again. Also, our own tablecloth. I want that fucker covered in arts.


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