Thursday, March 30, 2006


One day I will accurately schedule time, and then you'll all be sorry! You will be. You will be.

Twelve copies of EMAW #3 short. Twelve! I never learned to count! And I didn't learn it from watching you!

Tonight, I print, cut and staple the remaining issues. Then I stuff #5 envelopes. Then I'm fucking DUNST!

Except I still have to make that display. I buy foam core tonight and look for Father Dowlling Mysteries. Constructions! Also, table cloth. Last night, the generals in the Cliff Face Army met at the Brownstone for burgers, pancakes, strategic ass saults and redesigns. Marcos did a Medusa. I did D-Man and Dove. Kenny did a Robin and a Ghostrider. it was fun. Then we got kicked out.

Due to miscommunication on my parts, you'll probably have to wait until next week to buy Earth Minds Are Weak #5 at Jim Hanley's Universe on West 33rd St in New York City right accross the street from the Empire State building. They will also have EMAW #1–4s, Carl is the Awesomes, Tear-Stained Makeups and Mercury Lounges in stock.

Fucking Lost. I fucking love that show. Slam it home.


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