Monday, March 13, 2006


I apparently fucked till I was black & blue this weekend. I was getting ready for bed last night and dicovered huge pelvic and genital contusions all over. You could play Risk below my belt. Just don't hold Kamchatka for too long. Apparently, I need to avoid all sexual stimulii until I heal. I should also ice it, but I'm not sure how to do that in the office.

To add insult to injury—almost litterally—some guy threw his shoulder into me this morning. I was limping to work and had one of those moments where two people on a fifteen foot wide sidewalk can't seem to get around one another. Finally, we agreed on the direction we were going and then he THREW HIS SHOULDER INTO ME. Deliberately. Knocking the wind right out for a second. Then he ran into a garage. Wha' hoppen?

I am now officially behind on EMAW #6. I have to do some more collage work and the cover. I might finish tonight. We'll see. I'm really not sure how this is going to turn out and am ready to turn my full attention to #7. Maybe have that ready for SPX. #6 is starting to feel more and more minor. I think I'm just too immersed in it. Too close. I need some distance.

Got Benny Goodman's Carnegie Hall concert from 1938. The first time jazz was performed at the hall. It must be a tone of other shit too, because the thing has 144 tracks. Thirty bucks iTunes. 144 tracks??? how is this possible. I find out tonights. Maybe all the major solos are separate tracked?

Also got Beyonce's "Check Up On Me." Possibly the most ridiculous song I've heard in a while. For some reason, this was on that Destiny's Child Greatest Hits record (the only solo song on it—although you can hear the girls in the backing vocals). The remix is getting a lot of radio play, and I can't get it oot of my head. It's okay to check out Beyoce's ass so long as you don't grab it and I hope you don't mind but all my friends are gonna watch you look at my ass and then maybe I'll let you touch it.

Café Tacuba's Un Viaje is fun. It's always strange to hear a very studio-oriented band cut loose live and pull it off. It's also strange to hear other people excited about these songs. They're my secret band! I don't care if they went many time gold in Mexico! There's an MTV Unplugged out there too, but I haven't found it.


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