Monday, April 10, 2006


Marcos went to adjust the table just as I snapped... for the first time!Friday, Kenny went to parks and museums in the rainy air. Marcos watched many Star Trek reruns on motel cable and I nursed a serious hangover. That night was more Johnso with laidback donuthingness. We rose at a decent time on Saturday and put our table together pretty quickly. We met some of our lovely and talented neighbors sitting at the table we were at yesterday:
and the lovely and talented neighbors on our other side.
Then we waited for the flood of crowds. And we waited some more. We knew that we didn't have the greatest location, sitting one table away from last year, so we expected a slow start as the Bay area made its way to our settup.

A woman looked at my Earth Minds Are Weak #1, and as she flipped through, something looked wrong. She walked away and I quickly grabbed the issue. Two of the spreads were stapled out of order!

I quickly flipped through a few more copies. ALL OUT OF ORDER! I panicked. We brought no book supplies, actually being prepared for the convention. What to do? What to do!?

The Art Box girls next to us were kind enough to lend me a mini-stapler and we began tearing the books apart and trying to put them back together again. I did a few, but quickly realised that there weren't enough staples and a new neighbor's goodwill can only be strained so much.

So, with a few fixed to stem the tides, I ran out of the convention center (located in the middle of nowhere) and tried to guess where I'd be if I were an art- or office-supply store. Dozens of bailbondsmen, warehouses and baffled locals later, my flabby, smoke-clouded eyes found an oasis: a Staples. I ran like I haven't run in a decade, got a long-arm stapler, some staples and a replacement mini-stapler and ran back from the SoMa Staples to the convention in time to find out I'd missed very little.


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