Monday, April 10, 2006

100 APES

We arrived at the convention center ready to turn the weekend around. We remembered that Sunday was better for us last year and the clouds and drizzle in the air promised that no one would be out enjoying the park life. When you've only sold a tiny number of books after a cross-country flight, suffered through illness and accidents of preparation and then find yourself kicked out on the street (with some of your clean clothes still held hostage) you count on one thing: at least tomorrow can't be much worse.

And it wasn't. Aside from a twice-delayed flight and being forced to check our baggage becaue other passengers don't understand the principles behind carry-ons, the only thing that spoiled Sunday was an even lighter attendance and worse sales (except for those to friends and friends of friends—thank-you again, Erik, Carrie, Sandeh and Michelle!).

We did get a chance to spend some time with friends, including people we've met through comics and make new friends.

We met Rob and Ako last year at APE, saw them again at SPX and got to see them again this year. Rob Sato is the man behind Burying Sandwiches, a fantastic graphic novel. So impressed was I with the book, I put aside personal feelings and wrote one of my first reviews about it. Rob's is one of the Comics Journal's best books of 2005 (he took out an ad in the journal and quoted my review, which is awesome. Take THAT famous review gurus! Turns out, they're still awesome people, and I was very happy to hang with them again.We pretty much know Cheebcheebshkaa's Sakura Maku the same way, and I can't WAIT for my head to clear enough to start reading her new book, East Broadway.

Bill Roundy does The Amazing Adventures of Bill, which is like Sex in the City, but funny. And it's about a gay man, but Sex in the City pretty much was too. Met Bill at SPX, shared many drinks and was happy to see him again.

I also got to meet Leslie Bloomfield again, this time with each of us knowing who the other person was first. Leslie is one half (with Adele Moss) of the team behind the wonderful Hecter the Collecter. I don't have a photo because she came by before I finished my first coffee and I wasn't functioning even remotely like a human yet. She did trade with me for the new issue of Hecter the Collector—which is awesome and even crazier than the previous issues and can be enjoyed even by people who are unfamiliar with them.


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