Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Watched that Gamera trailer. It's Gamera as E.T. Actually, it doesn't look bad. Gamera loves children, so if they're going to do something different, they may as well go that way. Effects look more Godzilla-esque.


Nice little interview with Doug Martsch of Built to Spill

The last Grandaddy album.


Last night was full-throttles Minutemen. I'm still embarassed that I never got these albums before. It's all very much more of the same (the same being tons of different shit constantly), but it was cool to here olde stuff and b-sides next to later stuff and see their song pacing change and Watt's development as a song-writer alongside D. Boon. Good, angry stuff in an "I can't believe this shit is still happening way." Probably the most incredulous band ever.


New word today is:

Intriconsistency — the consistency of intricacies. Perfectly grommulent. No longer up for debatement.


Lost tonight. I hope I've got the next round of pencils down by 9, so I can just lay ink after the show. Maybe get some of the captioning done too.


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