Tuesday, May 09, 2006


There's a rumor going around that Suave Prospects might record again after MoCCA. Wrap your fingers around one another.


Added Jim Woodring's fresh blog to the links in the sidebar. He's one of my absolute favorite cartoonists (surprise!). It's nice to know he's reminding me just how much I suck on an almost daily basis.


Certain tools don't make you work better, but sometimes you realize you've been laying hammer to screws, and you might want to invest in a Philips. Went and bought some brushes, number 2s to replenish the 2s I'm using and number 4s for the fats. What a difference a brush makes. The bounce, the line variation, the full loads. It makes me wonder why I stopped using bigger brushes. I've never been a thinz liner, but I was working so small, I wanted to brush small. Now that I'm workin the bigguns, I needed a bigguns brush. Just using it made me feel like I was riding a bike again. I think it put a little more bounce in my 2s line too. I tend to progressively bunch up when drawing, and it's easy to get bunchy when inking — that's the final line, no space to play. I have to conciously loosen. But when you switch it up, it forces you to think again and the bigger brush only uses the muscles you're supposed to be using when you ink (it's too easy to use the finer brush like a pencil — that's no good). Anyway, check the line that defines Mark's face, that's the best example in the panel (and that sweet line for the under lip). For the bouncier #2, look at screamy guy's right side or the lines of sweatsuit woman.

Full:It also helps that I'm getting more comfortable with these characters. It sounds poetic, but you don't know a person just from their voice and body language. Until you 'see' them, they're not exactly real.

Print-size:The whole thing might actually look good by the time I get to the end.

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