Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The best laid men of mice and plans are often led astray.

In my continuing effort to drown the pain of life in libation, I'm falling further and further behind in my work. I'm now three days behind schedule. And I'm not catching up tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

Missed The Unit, but enjoyed the company of Jack Action and the legendary Suave foundation. Also, Katie. Also, Jack Daniels. Also, Devon, Steven and Keith at Revival. Also Neil's friend. Also, a sack of Thomas' Everything Bagels.

No new Lost tonight, so I can enjoy more drink.

Making progress in the Ballard. Finished The Overloaded Man, Billenium (and we thought this was OUR joke) and the Garden of Time. More people, more isolation, more attempts to freeze moments of time. Yadda yadda yadda. I think the limitations of the short story are becoming more and more evident, even though I'm enjoying these. I'm hoping I can make a dent in the Borges before I finish the writing of Kaiju 1.


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