Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Whitey on I Love You.

Instead of sitting and working in pain last night, I decided to cool my bruises with cold beer and numb the pain with same. Watched The Aristocrats. It was ok. I would have loved to have heard Gilbert Gottfried's whole Friar's Roast bit including the 9/11 jokes, but it wasn't even a special feature. He did his bit, but he did it in an empty room.

The best things about the dvd were the "Comedians Other Favorite Jokes" and the entire Doug Stanhope version of The Aristocrats. After watching the entire movie and about a dozen extra full bits, Stanhope made the entire joke fresh and funny again. His delivery was perfect, his descriptions were inventive and it would have been funny even without the icing—he had an audience of one: his infant son. It's almost worth buying just for that.

Finished Veronica Mars Season 1 with the best episode of the series (the next to last) and the most over-the-top ridiculous (the last). The episode where she finds out what really happened to her at a party a year earlier was like a huge corrective lens on similar episodes (I'm looking at YOU poker episode) and I said I would take back every negative comment made if Harry Hamlin would appear in Mars' car in the finale and HE DID. And then it just got overwhelmingly ridiculous, culminating in a Hamlin Kick® and Car Go A The Smash™. So, I take back my take back.


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