Friday, March 17, 2006


There once was a limp Rick from Limmerick
Who couldn't get it up very quick
But when fin'ly extended
His lady upended
And found herself head over dick.

I hope everyone enjoys their celebration of the day some snakes played their pipes and drove the potatoes out of Ireland, commemorated with carbombs and dancing with the pituitarily stunted. Or something. Me, I like to go to a quiet little place, drink something tastey and wastey and think of a fair-skinned, flame-haired Colleen. Maybe curl up with the adventures of Dum-Dum Dugan in Essential Godzilla.

Of course, my dick looks more like the flag of Gabon today, so maybe I should raise something to El Hadj Omar Bongo and think of oil.

Hopefully this posts. Had some trouble last night and this morning.

Gilbert Hernandez has done it again! Book of Ofelia is simply wonderful. Truly. If Luba is one of the all-time great characters, with the literary endurance equavlent to the Mars Rover, Ofelia and Pipo may be two of the greatest supporting characters. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I mean that in all of literature. All of it. Maybe not Pipo, but I've had a serious crush on her for about 15 years, and you always elevate the unattainable ones. The collection bobs and weaves the ways sportswriters would describe Muhamed Alli's fighting style, taking you through flashbacks and new scenes, families and lovers. Moments of joy sprinkle themselves along a tragectory of failure and tragedy that only seems obvious at the end. Outsized characters engage in outrageous activity, guided by their loins and their love, behaving foolishly and cruely, choosing sides in a struggle for a perfect mate or revenge.

Beto is working in Human Diaspora mode, with a fat, sumptuous line more accomodating to his fat, sumptuous characters and scenes that spread out over a few pages at a time. I think this is the Beto I love best, a cartoonist working with meaty, solid forms that live off the page in every way.


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