Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Preview of June's Sloth graphic novel from Gilbert Hernandez and Vertigo. The only thing Beto's done that's disapointed me (no, I haven't read Measles or that other book) was his last Vertigo book, Grip: The Strange Life of Men. It started of so promising and then it just sort of ended. And it had about eighty different stortlines that seemed to be just below the surface but never saw light. I wonder if he meant for the whole thing to be a few hundred pages instead of one hundred.

That gives me trepidation about the upcoming book. The fact that this is his next Vertigo work. I also forget just how awesome he is is just days after witnessing it. He's like Chinese food. Really, really good Chinese food. Unbelievably good Chinese food. Ah, it's a stupid metaphor. But I always kind of fear the next book, even when I'm excited about it. I rush out and buy it, but rarely read it first. I just know he's going to let me down. He almost never does, but I know he will this time. Even if he doesn't.

Anyway, that preview is kinda crap. I don't understand DC marketing at all there. It's like they couldn't decide if they shouls market the book to Vertigo readers or Fantagraphic readers or bookstore readers, so they just chose to preview the first 8 pages of setup.

On the home front, I found a couple of little cleanups I need to do on #6. There's about an hour's worth of work left overall. Should start printing tonight. Bought four ink cartridge double packs of supposedly big size. The printer info says it can take a pair that big, but the cartridge packaging doesn't list my printer. That's got me nervous. Them cartridges expensive as fuck. I'm sure I'll find out tonight.

I wonder what will happen first, the printing and assembling of all my APE books, or the healing of my balls. Could be a photo finish.


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you got it

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