Thursday, March 16, 2006


what evil lurks in the office server.

It's always a surprise to see what fonts html pages and aplication documents will display on any given day. Will it be wingdings? Perhaps a typewriter font? Maybe blogger will appear entirely in a mixture of a handwriting font and an art deco font (I wish I knew fonts better, I'd name them if I could). Sometimes it's annoying, today it just looks classy. Or prissy. It's just my work computer, keeping me on my toes.

Aside from the six days in a row I didn't take my vitamin C megadose, I've been healthy as some healthy animal. Even then, I pretty much cleared up once I hit the C again (5-6,000 mg after lunch), since restarting the regimen. And this is while being surrounded by many plague victim.

I think I need to start a protein regimen again so I can return to excersise. it's the all supplementary diet! Maybe some vitamin E for the genitals. They hurt more as they heal. I think I might just rest tonight. No going outs. No work. Just healing. Hopefully Monday Night Wars is at the house.

Watched Ultimate Avengers last night. Most of it. I thought it would benefit from booze and smoke, but it was just really boring. Really boring.

My friend Stacia just returned from Belize. After scubadiving and climbing through caves full of Mayan sacrifices, she traveled through indigenious villages, AMISH villages and Francis Ford Copolla's villa. If there's not a story there, then there isn't a story anywhere.

Some of these Ballard stories have a strong hint of familiarity to them. 13 to Centaurus was good, but the surprise ending seemed to be the premise the reader was hanging the plot on, which was disapointing. It was like, "Oh my god! The only reason this could make sense is the twist!" I SWEAR I read the Subliminal Man before. I don't know where. Online? In an issue of Playboy from thirty years ago? It's almost science fiction to imagine how I could have pulled that off.


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