Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Gnarles Barkley's Crazy is the first single to go to #1 on the British charts based on downloads alone. Brave new world.

Got the Soul Position album. The anti-mainstream songs are actually the strongest on the album. RJd2 seems a bit lackadasical. Blueprint can't really hold an album on his own. Some is good, some is just plain.

I also bought the new T.I. album, King. I knew his old singles, but never cared enough to put a name on the songs. I saw the video for "What You Know" and knew I'd at least get the single. Even if I'm not sure I care for T.I.'s delivery on it, I immediately LOVED the production. I'm SO becoming a production who-er. D.J. Toomp is someone I need to get to know better. There's two Just Blaze tracks. I haven't given it the full listen, but the sound is phenomenal.

Working out a way to maybe have the first part of Kaiju Jugoruma ready for MoCCA. I'm essentially making a forward. We'll see how it turns out.

Most of the feeling is back in my hands, strange tingling is coming less frequently. I'm terrified of how I'm going to injure myself this weekend at A.P.E.

Need to remember to get cover images of all our debuts for an email to Heidi MacDonald tonight.

It's supposed to rain all weekend in San Francisco. That really sucks. Fuckin' rain.

Flying out tomorrow, and we're away from the internet until Monday.


Blogger Marcos Perez said...

Ill have to take some T. I. and give u that flaming lips. Also i looked and it said 60's and sunny in SF!!

1:20 PM  
Blogger Justin J. Fox said...

I saw sunny tomorrow and rain for the rest. Maybe it changed when it started fuckin' snowing. Where's my informer?

I need the Game also.

Warning: I make no claims as to T.I.'s skills. I never really liked him before. Productions are sweet tight though.

1:56 PM  

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