Monday, April 10, 2006


I'm going to do several posts chronicling the Cliff Face APE Experience 06 on this blog and than we'll do something for the main site to commemorate. The first couple of images are from Jersey City, NJ.

C-Man and Kenneth Belasco arrive at casa de Marcos y Justin on Thursday, April 6. C-Man took us to the airport in style.

We flew into San Francisco and went to the wonderfull Days Inn on the corner of Larkin and Geary. I briefly lived on the border of the Tenderloin and the Civic Center and have a sick fascination with coming back whenever I'm in town to see how things have changed and how they've stayed the same. I didn't take many pictures, because the neighborhood seemed more depressed and depressing than last year. But here's a view from the window.

Obviously, I'm a terrible tourist.


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